Virtual Servers over IPSEC

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Virtual Servers over IPSEC

Post by armeniki » Wed May 17, 2017 2:36 pm

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to check with you guys regarding an issue I've been having.

Here's a summary of my setup:

Site A Network
Public: 60.x.x.100

Site B Network
Public: 60.x.x.200

I have a VPN tunnel active between the two sites (IPSEC). It is on 24/7.

I need to have someone from the Internet (external to both sites) be able to access a server via port 443 at Site B through Site A's public IP 60.x.x.100.

What I did was to setup in the NAT section under Virtual Servers an entry so that an external request would be routed to the IP at Site B (

However, when I tried to access via the Internet Site A's public IP like this: 60.x.x.10:443, nothing happens. In fact, I don't even get a packet at Site B's router.

Is it not possible to set a Remote IP in the Virtual Server list? What options do I have if any?

Kind regards,

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