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7800DXL WiFi signal potentially effecting a motion sensor light

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2021 10:47 pm
by Comedy79
Hi all,

This is a bit random, but hopefully someone out there can help? My router, modem and switch is all in a nice tidy rack with the power fuse box in the cupboard under the stairs.

When my house was renovated, the builders cut through my dad's old light circuit in the cupboard. When I had the electrician back, he suggested I go with a motion sensor light in there, instead of a switch one.

The other night I noticed that the light was coming on randomly, with the door open and closed and no one in the room that could effect the sensor. A google search suggested that a strong wifi signal could effect light sensors?

Is anyone able to confirm if that is true or not please??

If it is, I will have to consider going back to a switch or a sensor on the door, as I don't want to move all my hardware!

Many thanks in advance