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Using a Sky Q Hub router, as an extender to my DXL on Vodafone fibre

Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2021 1:41 pm
by Comedy79
Hi All,

My trusty DXL doesn't quite send a strong enough signal to my garden, for my new "Ring cam light" to work properly, so I want to use my old Sky Q hub as an extender.

My set up is as follows, Openreach Modem and DXL with a network switch attached to the DXL and Cat 6 Cable throughout the house. The plan is to have the Sky Q hub by the backdoor, where I have an ethernet port that I can plug the hub into.

Please can someone let me know what the correct set up is please, to use the hub as an extender, but not conflict with the DXL wifi signal?

I did manage to set up the hub over the weekend (though now can't access the router page), but it appeared to conflict with the DXL, so I need to know how I should be doing it properly please?

Many thanks